The performance of most teams can be judged based on their recent result history. What this means is that they will perform better or win against teams they are better than and lose against teams who perform better.

Therefore we can say that the position of teams in their league is a reflection of its quality. This can be seen when the season has stabilized.

The basic league positions of teams can serve as a guide to their form but the position can change daily due to certain reasons such as the results gotten by other teams.This is theĀ best prediction site in the world.

This means that a more sophisticated system is required to access the performance of the team taking into account their recent results. It should be noted we may need to determine how recent results are. This is the first part.

After this, we need to evaluate each match in advance to predict what we think the outcome might be. It is ideal to be able to put a number to this because it will help us make comparisons between matches and be able to decide the ones which are likely going to be a home win, an away win or draw.

This will help us devise a ranking for each of the matches on a coupon i.e. 49matches on a British coupon (which may cover Australian football matches during British summer). This is the second part.

A thorough analysis of the British football season in 2009-2010 will give us a summary of what the average outcomes are.

It showed that from the beginning of the season to the end (40 pool coupons), 45 percent of matches were won at home, 26 percent were won away while 27 percent was for both score and non-score draws.

This means that by measuring a team’s performance, making comparisons between matches and getting necessary statistics, we might be able to predict the draws. We can even go further by predicting the away and home draws.

We shouldn’t forget that each week is different and will bring results we didn’t expect.

To increase once chances of winning, we must find a way to spread the stakes. We can do this by using permutations or plans which help us do lots of combinations. It is not easy to get a forecast of 3 draws from 49 matches. It is not a big easy task due to the odds.

In fixed odd betting, the payout odds are adjusted to account for the likely outcomes. This will enable the odds to keep drifting based on how the punters place their bet.

In reality, 10 cents per combination can be staked for 18,000 lines and still won’t cover a win on account of fixed odds. But there is a possibility that we would have many winning lines if the results gave at least 8 draws.

Finally, if a wager of 3 draws from 10 matches (120 separate wagers) or 5 away draws from 10 matches (252 separate wagers) is laid, there is a chance that we will get better odds. This is due to the fact odds are longer.

Lets note that if we carefully pick our forecast of 10 draws, the odds I’ll be reduced. This means that it is possible for us to win multiple times and still profit from it.


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